Home Town Leadership

30 Years litigation in Nassau County Courts

★ 25 Years Board Certified in Criminal Trial

★ 11 Years Florida Farm Bureau Nassau County

★ 4 Years mentoring Teen Court Competition Team

★ 15 Years lawyer board member serving local non-profits

★ 10 Years servant leader on church council


√  Prosecutor under State Attorney Ed Austin

√  Criminal Defense in private practice

√  Family Law, Adoptions & Child Custody

√  Civil Litigation

√  more than 2,000 cases, 200 jury trials


“…we defended the Constitution in service to America, John Cascone will defend it in the courtroom”
★ Jerry Greeson, Vietnam Veteran

“John Cascone has demonstrated a deep commitment to fairness, and the rule of law.”
★ Mike Williams, Air Force Veteran

“I know the solemn importance of upholding the Constitution. In an election, it’s our duty to protect it with our vote. Please join me with your vote for John Cascone.
★ Jim Tucker, Purple Heart Medal, combat wounded Vietnam Veteran

Veterans Treatment Court (VTC)

Attorney John Cascone has represented a multitude of veterans referred to VTC helping each, to successfully complete the program. John Cascone was not in the military. Learn more about the program: Veterans

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