Meet John Cascone

John Cascone is a third generation Floridian. He has practiced criminal defense for 29 years since 1984. John and his family have been in Nassau County for 24 years making The Historic District of Fernandina Beach their home.


John Cascone graduated from the University of North Florida with a B.A. in History, and South Texas College of Law with a J.D. He has a background in writing, and served as Production Manager on UNF’s student newspaper and as editor of South Texas College of Law’s Annotations, delivered throughout Houston’s legal community.

Credentials for Judge

John Cascone has been a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer by the Florida Bar for 20 years. Only 7% of all Florida Lawyers are Board Certified.

In becoming Board Certified John Cascone was evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise by the Florida Bar.”

Nassau County Attorney Brett Steger

Additional requirements for John Cascone’s certification included peer review of professionalism, character and ethics in trial. It’s The Florida Bar’s highest level of evaluation on competency and experience of attorneys in the 27 areas of law approved for certification by the Supreme Court of Florida.

Fairness in our courts

John Cascone firmly believes in assuring individual rights with absolute fairness. With the experience and values needed to uphold the Constitution and all Amendments, Nassau County citizens trust John Cascone with the sacred responsibility of ensuring public safety without compromising our Constitutional guarantees.

In our courts, I believe that every voice deserves to be heard. With a solemn commitment to fairness and protecting public safety, our laws must be upheld as they are written, without legislating from the bench.”

John Cascone

John Cascone is among those who believe the Constitution is a vault into which the founders deposited our principles of government and says that no judge should use the Court to implement his own personal beliefs or agenda. To the litigants in every case, John Cascone believes in an equal and level hearing with no preferences shown to anyone on any basis. Every person is entitled to justice.

Invested in Nassau County

John Cascone has broad professional experience uniquely fitting to serve Nassau County as our next Judge, including:

  • 30 Years–– Litigation in Nassau County Courts
  • 25 Years–– Board Certified in Criminal Trial
  • 11 Years–– Florida Farm Bureau Nassau County
  • 4 Years–– Mentoring Teen Court Competition Team
  • 15 Years–– Lawyer Board Member serving local non-profits
  • 10 Years–– Servant Leader on his Church Council